Dutch league game postponed by one match after fans threw plumes on the pitch

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Groningen fans, angry at the board of directors who led the club to relegation for 23 years, staged a protest against Ajax by throwing plumes on the pitch. Twice early in the UFABET game and. There were some people running down to mess with it. In the end, if you can’t kick it, you have to go and compete on another day.

Sunday May 14, the Eredivisie League match between FC Groningen and Ajax Amsterdam was canceled after just nine minutes. Because the home team’s fans are dissatisfied with the team’s drop. Fireworks were thrown into the stadium twice as a protest against the club. The referee has no choice but to stop the match according to the new rules of the league.

Dutch league game postponed by one match after fans threw plumes on the pitch

The previous league game, Groningen drew 1-1 with the Go Ahead Eagles with only 18 points from 31 games, which guaranteed a place in the second division for the past 23 years. Although there are still 3 games left in the program, but the points are not enough because Emmen. The 17th team in the area, has 28 points in the relegation play-off quota. Causing dissatisfaction with football fans. a lot

As a result, the last game that opened the nest met Ajax, the third team in the table, in the 6th minute, the local cheerleaders threw plumes and ran into the field. With a sign calling for the Groningen Executive Board to resign. Causing the referee to stop the game before the return of the race But three minutes into the start, a number of plumes were still thrown down. Therefore unable to continue the competition

In  the Dutch Cup semi-final between Feyenoord, who lost 2-1 at home to Ajax last month. A fan threw a lighter at the visiting midfielder Davy Klaassen. Until the head broke in the second half, which the Windmill Football Association decided that the whole game would stop. If players or officials hit something from the crowd. And if it happens a second time then the game will stop immediately.

It is possible that Groningen club will be punished with a fine or points deducted from this incident. by competition management. A new match date has not yet been confirmed, while Ajax, who missed out on Feyenoord’s 3-0  win over Go Ahead, won the club’s 16th league title on Sunday. Hope to work in the remaining three games to finish as the runner-up of the league. 5 points behind second-place PSV in the same number of matches