How to walk money Hi-Lo

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After we know the formula for walking money. It’s time to see when we can use the money-walking formula to get the best results.

How to walk money Hi-Lo

Hi-Lo money walk, even – odd

At the moment we are betting on even-odd, we can use the money walk formula by looking at

  • If the dice is high or large In the next turn, double bet, starting with 1 unit bet on a tie in the first round.
  • If Hi-Lo is low or small In the next turn, bet on odd by starting 1 unit bet in the first round as well.

In conclusion, if any round is high, bet on a pair. Out low to bet odd It doesn’t matter if we lose or win. Because we have a formula for walking money to help solve this problem. Just keep in mind that whenever you win, you always have to go back to the starting point of 1 unit.

Hi-Lo money walk high-low

For the Hi-Lo money, this method has a rather fixed format. But we have to find our own pace. By the rhythm that enters, you must also see that the last 4 rounds must come out in the form high – low – high – low Alternate like this to start placing bets. In the first round, bet high with 1 unit of capital according to the money walking formula. Then stab in this UFABET form.

high – low – high – low – high – high – low

But this formula has one thing to keep in mind. If we win in the first turn, the round ends immediately. and then wait for a new rhythm to gradually play, and the important thing is to be careful not to sit and sit for a long time, otherwise no matter how great the formula is, you will lose your money back Online casinos are good.