Keane Sae, 4 ghost players + labels Manchester United as ‘New Spurs’

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Former Manchester United captain Roy Keane slammed the performances of four Red Devils during his former club’s defeat to Tottenham Hotspur last night.

  Roy Keane , former Manchester United captain Roy, shuffled the form of the Red Devils in the game against Tottenham Hotspur without restraint and taunts a number of Erik Ten Hag ‘s teamKeane is no stranger to being direct. As a ufabet game analyst, he is known for his straightforward and often cold-hearted assessment of players. And even harder in the Premier League last night. Where Manchester United lost 2-0 to Spurs at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Roy Keane

          Keane told Sky Sports : “They brought on players like (Anthony) Martial, they brought on these players… You’d be better off putting Frank Stapleton and Norman Whiteside on, Martial won’t get your problem solved. Just came down when the team was 2-0 down in the 85th minute and had almost no chance to enter the game

         However, Keane also stressed that other United first-team players had little impact on the game.  Marcus Rashford being used in the middle. Newly signed Bruno Fernandes and Mason Mount have yet to develop an understanding of each other And both are far from the best of their own.

    “Rashford plays in the middle again. He was like a kid out there,” Keane reiterates. “Obviously he wasn’t happy playing in the middle. his body language His first touch when he got the ball indicated that. ‘I don’t want to play in the middle’ but you have to, you have to work for the team tonight. These are the players who have already established themselves.”

         He later added: “I looked at Mount, Fernandes when they weren’t playing in their position. They looked like schoolchildren there. They don’t have the physical strength to get the ball back.” Keane went a step further by branding Manchester United as ‘New Spurs’ . They play as an easy team to play with. That is the greatest insult I can give to these Man Utd players.