Pogba accepts the heart to ask for a farewell to the Ghost and return to Juve again

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Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has revealed the reason for his return. It is because his heart demands a move away from Manchester United and believes it was the right decision.

Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has admitted that his decision to return to Turin came from the heart. Which he believed is the right thing. After being disappointed with the unsuccessful return to play for Manchester United for a second battle and have to face injury problems again.

Pogba accepts the heart to ask for a farewell to the Ghost and return to Juve again

The French midfielder waved goodbye to the Red Devils a few months ago. By letting his contract expire. The decision to leave means six years at Old Trafford have not produced any good memories for the player. Despite moving for the most expensive at the time of 105 million euros or about 3,780 million baht in the summer of 2016.

The 29-year-old said in an interview with GQ Italia: “I like to think and say, It was my heart that made the choice. Maybe it’s the right time to come back here ( Juventus ). Three years ago with Manchester United, I was affected by injury as well. Things are not going as expected, and Juventus haven’t won the Scudetto for two years and perhaps the time is right to meet again. And try to bring back what was missing from me and Juve and above all to win again.”

At the same time, the Zebra team also said that I always wanted to play. And want to do my best, and deep in my heart I know that this (Juventus) shirt is special. because it brings out the best of me We used to make good history together. which I never forgot even when I moved out. Coming back here always inspires me. It’s an incentive to do a good job. And I never doubted that this is my place

For Pogba, who signed a four-year contract with the Bianconeri but has yet to play for the Macaroni team. because he is recuperating From the surgery on the right knee disc herniation in early September until it is unclear whether Will be fit for the 2022 World Cup with the French national team. At the end of this UFABET year?