Rose reveals chat with Manchester United target and claims he wants to leave the team

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Former Tottenham Hotspur left-back Danny Rose has revealed details of a recent conversation with a Manchester United target, claiming he would be willing to leave.

     Former Tottenham Hotspur left-back Danny Rose has revealed details of recent conversations with Harry Kane and believes the striker will be willing to leave the club. ‘If the right team come in’ After scoring against Aston Villa last night. He’s now scored 24 times in the UFABET Premier League this season. which is equal to the statistics that Mohammed Salah did so in 2017-18. Despite Spurs losing 2-1 and risking missing European football next season.

Rose reveals chat with Manchester United target and claims he wants to leave the team

          Kane is out of contract in 2024 and has attracted interest from the likes of Manchester United and Bayern Munich, and former team-mate Rose is convinced. His time at Spurs is running out. go down “I texted Harry maybe 10 days ago. Just wanted to know how he was. Then I asked him what happened. He didn’t say much. Then I saw him after the Manchester United game and we had 20 minutes to talk,” Rose told Astro SuperSport.

          “He gave a lot of information about what he’s going to do next season. For me I don’t think Daniel (Levy) has the upper hand over Harry right now. But how can you exclude someone who has given you everything over the years? He scored goal after goal ′′ He was promised to move. [Previously] He had a gentlemanly deal to go to Manchester City two years ago. But Spurs broke that in the last minute ′′ ′ ′ For me. I don’t see how Daniel would have an advantage in this situation. If the right team comes to Harry – and Harry wants to play for – I feel as if Harry will knock on the door and say, ‘I’m going to play.’ ‘You have to let me go'”

   Asked if Kane had a better chance of winning silverware if he left north London, Rose continued: “It depends on the team. I remember when I was still at the club. And we were talking and he said, ‘If I was at City, I would score 45 goals!’ And I remember laughing and thinking, ‘Yeah, yeah Harry, take it easy’. I think he’s right, he could easily score 45 goals.”

          “I’m a big fan. (of Manchester United) and I know there are a lot of rumours. And of course they want the No.9 and I know they won the Carabao Cup and they made it to the FA Cup final, but for me I don’t see that as a guarantee that Harry will win that place. That, of course, his inability to go to Man City (with Erling Haaland) to Chelsea would contaminate everything he achieved at Tottenham. “It depends on where [he can go] and if there’s no choice he wants, if I were him I’d be happy to stay another year and go to Arsenal. Let’s wait and see if Real Madrid want to take me for free. He’s not in a bad position. But I’m very interested to see what will happen at the end of the season.