The ship shakes! White dress aims for Haland-Gancelo to strengthen the army

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As has indicated that Real Madrid are planning to grab two Manchester City players. They want Joao Ganzelo to add to the defensive line next summer. Followed by Erling Haland to score at Santiago Ber. Nabe next year

As the media is famous in the country of fierce bulls. Spanish La Liga giants Real Madrid are targeting Manchester City right-back Joao Cancelo next summer. Then, in the next year, will buy Erling Haaland, another star player of the Blues, to add spears. Even though he had previously rejected an offer.


The 28-year-old defender has done a great job for City that has become a key force for Pep Guardiola, resulting in Italian manager Carlo Ancelotti. He has liked the player for a long time. Since his time in charge of the Everton team wants to replace Dani Carvajal is 30 years old at this UFABET time and believes that the offer is around 50 million euros or about 1,850 million baht. Enough to be released from the team

Then in 2024, the White King will return to chase. The giant spearheaded again after being defeated by Manchester City in the race for signatures. Norwegian door knocker When the summer because the players refused to join the army. I do not want to compete for a position in the team with Karim Benzema, the veteran French center forward.

The report stated that The player has a clause in his contract to leave the Etihad Stadium in the summer of 2024, two years later. His release clause is reduced to 180 million euros, or about 6,701 million baht, while Benzema is at the age of aging. Wait for the time to be retired and let Haland take over.  

Meanwhile, Alf Inge Haaland, the father of the former Borussia Dortmund star, has revealed that his son could stay at the top flight for around two years. half because wanting to move to play in all the big leagues of Europe, so there is a possibility that His next station is Coming to play at the Santiago Bernabeu in the Spanish League